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Pigs were traditionally kept by racing stables to graze on stable scraps, and from Victorian times butchers developed their own special sausage recipes; their sausages were a sought-after commodity, and one local butcher even used to dispatch a weekly consignment of Newmarket sausages to Scotland by train for the royal household. It became traditional to take home sausages after visiting the Newmarket races, and the dozen or so butchers’ shops in the town struggled to keep up with demand. A ‘black market’ in sausages  even arose, with gangs from the races dishonestly trying to obtain more than their quota from the butchers!

Today, thankfully, there is a plentiful supply from the three members of the Newmarket Sausage Association: Musk’s, Powters and Tennant’s. Each has their own secret recipe, and all have won numerous prizes; one has been supplying sausages under Royal Warrant since 1907 and another’s sausages are awarded as a prize in the Town Plate, Newmarket’s oldest horse race. In 2012, the Association secured a coveted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), meaning that Newmarket Sausages can only be produced within the vicinity of the town and must have a minimum meat content of 70% with a fat content typically less than 20%. Why not visit our local butchers and find out more!

Newmarket Sausages Photo (© Newmarket Journal, 2012)

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